My first Rhino ‘sighting’

This post is for firstandfabulous and robsreallife who both commented on seeing another animal shape in my last Which Way post.


A couple of other readers made similar remarks.  I did promise to post my most embarrassing ‘sighting’ in Kruger National Park.


Our driver stopped to point out the rhino in the distance.  I was quite adamant that I had a rhino in sight…the small scrubby tree right in the middle of the photo!  After noting that my fellow travellers were pointing/looking in another direction I trained my lens on my “rhino” only to see that it was a tree… 😦



…it was actually a hundred metres to my right.  Oops!

It wasn’t the only Oops I had during the trip.



It was hot and the heat haze did not help…at least that’s my excuse.  Fortunately we had much closer sightings later on in our travels.


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