Which Way Challenge-Week-12

This is the way to the waterhole….



…that’s Which Way this week.

How many giraffes in the photo?

This was the scene we were able to view at breakfast and dinner…..magic.

I am going to drive everyone nuts with Africa. Sorry! 🙂



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-Week-12


17 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge-Week-12

  1. The Africa photos are a wonderful treat to wildlife I usually see in the zoo. I see 3 giraffes; however, I do see the cat-shaped image, although, it would be much more obvious if it was a cat at so close a distance.

    Very nice!


    • I’m glad you like them. It was marvellous to see the animals up close and in the wild. Your are not the first person to see another shape in that photo. I have looked but can only see ‘shapes’ that could be cats etc. I saw two distant bushes which I was sure was the rhino our driver had stopped to show us. The bushes and the rhino were 300-400 metre away! I am going to post that shot sometime over the weekend.


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