Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Reflections-Shadows


My contribution for this week’s

Reflections and Shadows




We stopped for ‘sundowners’ just before sunset at this  waterhole…


…where  a 1.5 metre long crocodile had been seen…


… previously.


Our young driver/guide decided it was a good place for a ‘cuppa’.

Heron_0157aCuppa is an Aussie slang for a cup of tea, coffee, drink..whatever.


Parked about 10 metres from the waters edge we had our sundowners

Heron_0162a …and watched these birds fishing for their supper.

Heron_0170aSomeone should teach them how to chew their food properly…

Heron_0174a He just had to have indigestion

Heron_0179a…but even if he did he was soon back for more.



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