Floral Friday-Euphorbia Candelabra


Euphorbia Candelabra.



The Euphorbia Candelabra, looks almost nothing like the Euphorbia we have in our garden, however they seem to thrive in South Africa parks.



They are scattered throughout Kruger National Park and adjoining private reserves where these photos were taken.  The brighter green colour of the Candelabra constrast to the rest of the dry flora at this time of the year.  I suspect that when the rains come the Euphorbia will ‘disappear’.



Our guide told us that the plants produce a toxic milky latex which is extremely poisonous, to all except rhinoceros.  A single jab with the point of a knife produced this milky substance, within a few seconds.  The latex can be a dangerous irritant if one stands within the vicinity of it, let alone ingest it.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday~~~~~

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