Floral Friday-Olifants Rest Camp


Olifants Rest Camp.



Olifants Rest Camp is situated in Kruger National Park.  While it’s flora was different to that to which I am accustomed, it did provide some interesting foliage.



I did not think to ask what these plants were/are as it was only the first two night of our adventure  which were spent in Olifants.



I have kept the best until last…no garbage bag.  Did not see it at the time as I was probably still waking up and getting used to the idea of early morning game drives.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday~~~~~

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10 thoughts on “Floral Friday-Olifants Rest Camp

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  3. It’s good to get out and experience things that are different. It looks like a great place.

    PS When I get a ‘garbage bag’ shot, I use the clone tool on photoscape and it magically disappears!!


    • Thank you for that information. I don’t think the plant names were ever discussed and I must confess that the object of taking those photos was purely to have a record/memory of the camp and our accommodation.


  4. I’m sure you spent a bit of time enjoying Olifants’ magnificent view Woolly Muses?

    (The plants are aloes, but I’m afraid I cant tell you exactly which species – they’re a favourite of many nectar feeding birds and insects)


    • We used to have all meals overlooking the river. The views were spectacular, not to mention the visible wildlife. My camera was working over time. I did hear a fellow traveller state the he had taken about 800 photos, ten days into our trip. That was around my daily average! So there are many more South African posts to come.

      Thanks also for the aloes name.


      • Please keep those South African photos and posts coming Woolly Muses! I love hearing what other people think of the country we are so proud of and your photographs are so vibrant.


      • Rest assured there are (lots) more to come. We loved the trip so much that a planned Hawaii holiday has been put on hold in favour of Botswana. Not SA, I know, but we heard so many good things about Botswana that weare seriously contemplating the idea. Thank you for the ‘vibrant’ comment.


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