Travel Theme-Deep

Kruger National Park


The sun was deep below the horizon,

but still our spotlight managed to find wildlife

as shadows grew deeper and deeper.




Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Deep


15 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Deep

    • Thank you, Tish. and you are right! After an overnight (storm) delay in Johannesburg we arrived in Perth at midnight, Tuesday. We could not get over how much noise there was in the city the next day. We wanted elephants feeding outside our tent, lions roaring and so on. Yes there is more to come, I was using a new 8GB card each day – around 700 photos per day – not all worth publishing mind you. Yes unfortunately there is lots more to come and if you know how to make a post display on a dedicated Africa page I would love to know. Just loved it!


    • Dammmmm!!! 🙂 Does that mean I cannot use my pics? We paid a visit to Bourkes Potholes on the trip from Mt Sheba to Sausage Tree Camp. Great photos. My lens would not capture the whole scene as you have done. Love the area….and South Africa. We may even return next year.


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