Look Up, Look Down Challenge-9-0910

My first post after a wonderful time in South Africa.


My contribution to

Look Up, Look Down

this week-9



Our last morning in South Africa provided us with a cruise on the Olifants river, just outside Phalaborwa.


Whether we looked up, or down, the sights, at times,

were daunting!


Not the best photo but it gives you the idea!!!!



Look Up, Look Down, challenge



8 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-9-0910

  1. Great shot of the ellie, the perspective gives us a real view of its enormity. And as for the snake, I understand why it’s not the best photo! I look forward to seeing more posts about this trip.
    Thanks for joining the Look Up, Look Down challenge again this week. Debbie


    • Thanks Debbie. The elephants are even larger when standing in front of them and under their trunk. As for the snake….one of our drivers had a pet viper….you will not find any photos of it in my repertoire.


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