Wordless Wednesday: Africa

Wordless Wednesday: African Delight


Is this an ordinary South African sunset?

Look carefully before continuing…



Can’t find anything unusual?

Scroll down



Our first day in Kruger National Park and second Game Drive produced this sighting just before sundown

To sight a leopard in such an exposed spot is a very rare occurrence, so we have been told.

Totally aware of our presence the leopard barely moved a muscle.

For those who know Kruger we did make it back to camp before the gates closed….just.

Tish Farrell, asked me to give her love to Africa. I have done so, Tish….and I have also expressed my love for Africa, over and over again in the few days we have been here.


Wordless Wednesday


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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Africa

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  2. Totally amazing shots Woolly and glad to hear your arrived safely. I can see you are having lots of fun already. What a view for sure! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your stay. 😀 *hugs*


    • Hi Sonel. Many thanks for your comments. I could have left Kruger, after two days, a very happy person. The experience went from strength to strength. Having six week old lion cubs approach our vehicle and play for us was one of the many highlights.

      Perth for a few days…then home


    • Has been magnificent so far, Tish. We have seen all of the big five at a distance of no more than fifty feet…or closer. Rhinos rounded it off this morning. Heading up to Mt. Sheba tomorrow.


    • It has been fantastic and when the tour guides begin to get excited you know you are part of something spectacular. Have sighted the big 5, and still have a week or so to go. Just wonderful.


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