Look Up, Look Down Challenge-6-1909


My contribution to

Look Up, Look Down

this week-6



Saturday night, September 7, was the second night of Australian Rules Football finals for season 2013. Walking into the Melbourne Cricket Ground I happened to glance up and see the sea gulls circling around this light tower.

It is far from being a good photo but it is perhaps the best thing of the night….my team was soundly beaten. Oh, well, there is always next year!

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Look Up, Look Down, challenge






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3 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-6-1909

    • I suspect that’s the clean up crew only too willing to remove any uneaten food that is left around the arena after a game. The experts have had hawks floating around in a fruitless effort to deter the gulls who spend quire a bit of time on the arena and are in the way of the game. Now there are wires strung for grandstand tops across the ground Which as you can see are not having the desired effect. Personally I think the wires across the ground could cause a tragedy if there was a helicopter trying to make an emergency landing…and did not know that the ground had these wires strung across it.


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