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My Phoneography contribution complements my

Look Up, Look  Down Challenge

later this week


September is a big month in Australia, particularly Melbourne, the centre of the Australian Rules Football League (formerly the Victorian Football League) as all finals games are played during September to decide the champion team for the season.



Many years ago all these games were played on Saturday afternoons, however, with the advent of the Australian (Rules) Football League (AFL) and more direct televising of these games, the higher rating night games are more the norm these days.  I would much rather a day game, however, the team I have followed for years is one of the stronger teams and draws a bigger ratings crowd.



These two photos were taken about half an hour before the first bounce (start of the game) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Friday September, 7th.  The MCG is where the 2006 Commonwealth Games and 1956 Olympic games were held.

The dark section of the grand stand is the Melbourne Cricket Club Members grandstand. There is a waiting list of 25-30 years to become a member.

These photos are taken from the Great Southern Stand where AFL Members watch sporting events to which they are entitled entry.



All the above shots were taken on the first night of finals with the banner indicating that one of the teams is about to run onto the ground.

Fortunately, I only attended this game to watch a good game. However, just prior to arriving I had a nagging thought that I had left my car unlocked at a railway station car park, so I left early… only to find that the car was very securely locked!!



The only good thing about returning on Saturday night was my capturing this scene.



A crowd of around 50,000 watched as my team, Collingwood, were soundly beaten.  At least I don’t have a reason to drag myself over to night games any more this season.





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    • I will have amend this post. There is only one code (that I follow) in Melbourne….Australian Rules… :-). I think we have a dedicated soccer (rectangular) stadium – AAMI Park. Family and Wikedia agree! It has capacity of 30,000 and foundations capable of coping with an extension to 50,000.


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