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Two plants, two photos this week.



These berries are part of a hedge.



Some of the leaves appear to be cut….the result of a recent pruning.



A pretty, pink, potted geranium.


I was really captured by the texture and shape of some of the geranium leaves.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday~~~~~

Festival of Flowers


I have tried to leave comments on BlogSpot Floral Friday Fotos blogs, with no success.  If anyone has ideas……?  Do I need to create a BlogSpot account?


Black-White Challenge: Abandoned


My contribution for this week’s

Black and White Challenge.



Scenes like this are seen more often each day in rural areas as small farms become unviable and are purchased by neighbours who do not require the shedding.  Thus results this abandoned shed.



This my nostalgia photo.  This the first, and only, hay shed which Dad had built on his farm.  I spent many years crawling around under iron roof, with temperatures in excess of thirty-five degrees, in an effort to have the maximum number of bales of hay covered from the elements.

The farm was sold a decade, or so, ago and now the shed appears to be alone, or abandoned, to its original use.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge


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