A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Ornate 2


I was asked if my Cactus flower in my first

Word of the Week Challenge this week,

was real.



The flower feature came from this ‘bush’.  I have left the brick in the picture for scale opurposes.  I think bricks are about 20 cm long.



It is planted on the north face of our house.  Hot, dry and cold in winter.  It is the third time we have planted the bed as the elements make it hard for plants to thrive.

Roses were the previous occupants and they were blown and broken in high winds.

Note the second plant in this photo.



Number two plant along with my brick to give a sense of scale.

The largest flower is below….



…not the same one published previously, but very similar.



Maggie had to stick her nose in.  This is the ‘bush’ from whence the first ‘Ornate’ photo was derived.



Once again the pavers have been left in the photo for scale.  Each one is 30 centimetres in length.






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