Weekly Photo Challenge ~Unusual POV


I was wondering what I could contribute to the Weekly Photo Challenge…An Unusual Point of View, when I found this.


Hay rolls

This shot was taken while living on the farm and shows the result of a good harvest, excess rolls of hay (5 x 4 feet) stacked outside the hay shed enclosure.

Taken from a cherry picker, which I had enlisted to remove some pine tree branches which had fallen on my hay shed roof, which is just visible in the bottom of the photograph, it is a view certainly not usually seen by this photographer.



The foreground and background depict two of our Acacia ‘Limelight’.


Acacia_1828The sculpture in the first photo provides a nice frame and a different point of view of the Limelight.



My final photo is self-explanatory and was taken while on the Great Ocean Road drive earlier in 2013.  I managed to capture two friends taking their photo without leaving the car.


Weekly Photo Challenge:

Unusual Point Of View



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~Unusual POV

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  9. Great images. I especially love the first photo.
    Several years ago, when we were driving through farmland, we kept saying to our young children, “Look at the cows; look at the horses.” My daughter who was 4 years old at the time, saw the round hay bales and said, “Look at the round animals.” That name has stuck. Today , she is 23 years old. 🙂


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  11. I love the photo of the hay. Aerial photos are always so interesting to me because they take so much extra effort to make. I love the geometry of the hay. The grass through the porthole is also beautiful. Nice contrast of colors.


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