CBBH Photo Challenge-Pink


My first contribution to CBBH photo challenge.



Camellia ‘Volunteer’



Discussion whether this is pink, pinky/purple or lavender.  To me it looks pink and it is a Coastal Rosemary.  We have mainly the white variety. Foliage is dark green and flowers white.  We only have a few of this variety among the white ones….replants.

While Wikipedia describes them as an Eastern Australian coastal plant our inland climate is harsh enough for them to be happpy.

Scientific name is: Westringia fruticosa  



Correa ‘Dusky Bells’.  another native to Southern and Eastern Australia and named after Correia de Serra, a Portuguese botanist.

The first plant was planted in a sheltered spot in our old garden and grew to about one metre in diameter and about 80 cm high.  presently they are in a more open position and struggle to be much more than a ground cover.  A young Labrador did not help their early years of growth!



Finally, our nectarine tree is also in bloom.



It, also, is a young tree, but should bear fruit again this year.



22 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge-Pink

  1. These are lovely, Woolly. We have a couple of lovely camelia in our conservatory but nothing as flamboyant as that first bloom. Sorry it’s taken me a while getting here. Bit hectic these last few days.


  2. First of all, welcome to the CBBH Photo Challenge. I post a new theme on the first of each month, so you have the rest of the month to think about your entry.

    What I love most about Photo Challenges is that it is everyone’s own interpretation of the theme. I’m glad you included the coastal rosemary 🙂 My favourite of your shots is the nectarine blossom – and how similar it is to our apple, or even almond tree blossom. So delicate yet so vivid.

    Thanks for linking to Kathryn and Trish’s blogs. It’s good to share!


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