Floral Friday-Festival-of-Flowers-Manchurian Pear


Our Manchurian Pear is in bloom at present.



Naturally the wind was blowing a gale the day I tried to capture some images, as can be seen in the above photo.


Manchurian_Pear_0038bIf the elements do not ruin the blooms the tree should be a picture for a few days.



I was using my 70-300mm lens on my Nikon D 90 which made taking photos a little harder, although it captured the blooms quite well.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday~~~~~

Festival of Flowers


11 thoughts on “Floral Friday-Festival-of-Flowers-Manchurian Pear

  1. Wonderful –

    When do your manchurians blossom?

    August or September ?

    Are there leaves too or just lovely white blooms ?

    Thank you for this


    • The post you read was September 6, last year. At the moment there is little or no sign of leaves or blooms. My guess is that the Manchurian will be in bloom in about a month…late August, early September.


  2. I love these flowers! We have Bradford Pear trees which are similar to these all around my apartment building, Thanks so much for sharing and participating. My apologies for all the posting trouble.


    • Thanks Jackie. They are a nice flower and I think all the deciduous trees look a picture when they (all to often briefly) flower. Not to worry about adding the link…I could add the WP image but non of mine. Weird? Again thanks for adding mine to Linky list.


    • Thank you. MGW is quite pleased with it and I must say I was happy with some of the photos…especially considering I was hold the shutter button down and hoping for some shots to mid frame, such was the wind.


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