Share Your World-2013-Week-30


If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit would you rather be..?

I am rather partial to cherries…or strawberries….or mangoes….or pineapples….  It would definitely not be an apple, orange, banana…far too common…not that I am a snob! 🙂


If you could witness or physically attend any event past, present or future, what would it be?

That’s easy….the birth of my children!  Although some of the toughest hours I have ever experienced I would not have missed it for the world.  MGW had the easy part…she was not watching her first-born, stretched out on a table with nurses becoming more agitated trying to get him to breathe.  It was all I could not to push in, pick him up by the ankles and swing him around a few times like I used to do with lambs which were a bit sluggish at birth.  I figured if it worked with lambs it should work with my first-born.  Right???


If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

“What are next week’s Tattslotto (Lottery) numbers?”


If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

Definitely Blue.  Always has been my favourite colour and although associated with coldness in art or decorating…I don’t think that applies to me.


Share Your World 2013

SYW commences on Mondays-Week_30




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