Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Sea


I have very mixed feelings when it comes to the sea.  I love to watch it on a wild, cold, rough, day.

I do not like swimming in the ocean because of the salt and sand which takes forever to get rid of.  Particularly out of the car!!!

Don’t have any photos of waves pounding the shore on a wild day.  Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the sea at its best….wild, woolly, rough and cold.

All I have are some random photos taken during the year and while on holidays.



 This vessel was in Geelong’s Corio Bay, a few weeks ago.



I never did like snorkelling.  I think it would be an easy way to drown.  My experience on the Barrier Reef did nothing to enhance my feelings in this respect.


Sea Gull1

And where ever there is an ocean you will find an Oscar and Zelma.  No.  There is no rhyme or reason for giving the gulls names, except that I am feeling a tad weary after the weekend and usually when weary, silly things like this occur.  Oscar and Zelma popped into my mind and were not going to be replaced….by any other name.  I have since conferred with my son about these names.  He suggested changing Oscar to Wilfred.



While susceptible to cyclones the sea could not have been calmer along the Far North Queensland coast on this day.



Photos of the sea would not be complete without one from my favourite part of Victoria.  The Twelve Apostles is one of the State’s biggest tourist attractions these days.  If you ever do visit, the little dot in the sky will gladly take you for a joy flight if you have the inclination….and some hard-earned dollars.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (dailypost.wordpress.com)



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    • It was of the cliff face many years ago. A few years ago a formation called London Bridge partially collapsed leave a couple stranded on the seaward part of the “bridge”. It is now referred to as London Arch. The collapse was caused by erosion….and so the cliff face continues to change.. Google either London Bridge or London Arch images for a look.


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