Travel Theme: Distance


My contribution for this week’s challenge.


My first photo was taken along the Great ocean Road.  In the middle distance, if you enlarge the photo, you can see the road as it winds its way around the point to the next town snuggled in a forest setting in the far distance.



I always wonder to what distant places these helicopters are flying.


Geelong Foreshore 11

Imagine a sunny day, a picnic, at a table under a gum tree, a cool breeze wandering in off the seas while yachts sail gently along the horizon in the distance.  Could life get any better?


Where’s my backpack?:Travel Theme: Distance


One thought on “Travel Theme: Distance

  1. lovely place and wonderful scenic road trip …although I did a tour there and may be someday might go back and do a road trip 🙂 thanks for sharing…what part of this trip did u like the best?


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