Look Up, Look Down Challenge-3


My first contribution to

Look Up, Look Down.



I took this shot about two months ago as I found the roof fascinating.  It was the first time I had seen a slate tiled roof, at close quarters, and could only marvel at the workmanship and how well it has lasted.



The right roof above this door is where the first photo was taken.  I have walked through this door many times but only looked up once.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge


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14 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-3

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  7. Excellent proof of the good reasons for looking up, Woolly. I, for one, forget to do it, though yesterday I just happened to look up from my white wine spritzer and saw a rainbow inside a streamer of a cloud, in full sunshine too, something I’ve never seen before. I don’t think it was the wine.


  8. Thank you for your entry. That is an impressive roof, such craftsmanship as our rightly point out. I don’t have a head for heights so slating would never be a job for me!


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