Festival of Flowers-Floral Friday 3008


My Floral Friday post, is early and in honour of

National Wattle DaySeptember 1st.



I only became aware of National Wattle Day while watching

Better Homes and Gardens television program last Friday.



Apart from the first image, a repost, all others are the result of a quick drive around the extended neighbourhood…



…and the use of my 70-300mm lens on my Nikon D 90





Wattle trees, and now shrubs, are members of the Acacia family.



 This last image is one of several Acacia Limelights we have in our garden.  We have yet to see a flower, which is normal.  However, we have planted some above a pebble mulch and discovered the hard way that these pretty little shrubs are dirtier, and scruffier, than teenage boys below that pretty green exterior.


For more information about Australia Wattles (Acacias) click on this link and watch the Wattle video.

It only runs for 4 minutes.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday~~~~~

Festival of Flowers



3 thoughts on “Festival of Flowers-Floral Friday 3008

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    • Neither did I, until last Friday. I think it is our first official day of Spring also. However, as stated previously I am sure seasons were aligned with equinoxes and solstices when I was at school.


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