Wordless Wednesday-Phoneography-Blade

As I only had my phone with me, I decided to combine both challenges this week.


Late last week I happened to drive past this scene in early morning traffic…no time to stop. With the benefit of a day’s work behind me I was surprised to see the vehicle in the same place.  With other motorists taking advantage of the photo opportunity.



I have never seen one this close before.



This shot, of part of the Macarthur Wind Farm, was taken from the road we travel to reach our old home. The wind farm consists of 140 turbines spread over 5,500 Hectares (11,110 acres or 69.5 sections) and is currently the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

(Source: Google – Macarthur Wind Farm for several links including Wikipedia).

I think the first picture was destined to end up at a wind farm….but that is only conjecture.

Reasons for this line of thought: 1. it is white; 2. I have heard that a person can easily walk into a wind farm blade.  This was certainly the case here; although not sure just how far would be easy.

And I did have a third reason which is no longer within grasp…..a seniors moment!  Sadly it was probably the one with the most logic. 🙂


Wordless Wednesday


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