Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Focus


A glance out the window on this cold damp Sunday afternoon has provided me with inspiration for this week’s contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge…Focus.



The first two are taken through a window and while not great shots demonstrate how changing the f stop from 4.5 to 18 changes the depth of field.



Even the shrub a few feet behind the camellia is out of focus at 4.5 f stop.



I did actually open the front door to take these shots…



…so there is no window haze as in the others.



The Winter Rose was my inspiration for this set of photos.

The verandah post is in reasonable focus here…



…but just a blur in this shot.

The Winter Rose is one of my favourite plants.

Tough and always puts on a display during the colder times of the year,

provided it is given shelter from hot northerly winds during summer.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (dailypost.wordpress.com)


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