Travel Theme: Architecture



Not a modern building by a long shot.  However, it is being put to a very modern use as Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus, in Geelong.

Prior to becoming a place of learning it was one of the wool stores in Geelong where wool producers would have their wool on display prior to sale.

Even writing about this brings back memories of attending wool sales with my father.  We would arrive at this building, collect the wool sale catalogue and find our bales of wool on display. This would be followed by a period of time waiting for an agent to come and ‘show’ us our wool.  He would give us advice about the clips preparation and ideas for preparing next year’s clip.

And the aroma of the wool, the smell of hundreds of bales of wool, some would say the stink…… unforgettable.



One cannot walk around this part of Geelong without seeing more buildings of similar ilk, all proudly bearing a faded name of the wool firm which operated or owned the building.



Just to show you that Geelong is not all

wool stores.


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