Festival of Flowers – Floral Friday


This week I chose to feature a couple of native plants, from our garden, which have been in flower for a few weeks now.



Like all plant families there are many types of grevillia.

This one may be the Grevillia ‘Superb‘ (according to Wikipedia).

Grevillia ‘Superb‘ is a dwarf plant (1-2 metres high) and is covered with these delicate flowers. The birds love them.


Native Fuschia_1574

Correa, Dusky Bells.

Growing to about 1 metre high, with a 2-3 metre spread Dusky Bells is a shrubby sort of ground cover.  Dusky Bells produces many flowers which are only about 2.5 centimetres (one inch) in length. I love the this one as foliage is just as it appears here all year round and it flowers for a  long time.  Not everyone will agree.

It is commonly known as the native fuchsia.


Just for the record, these are my photos taken in our garden.

There are similar photos on the web


Someone commented about the Daphne mentioned in last week’s post.

Ours is just beginning to bloom so I will try to capture it in full bloom if it ever reaches that stage.


Floral Friday                                                         Festival of Flowers





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