Travel Theme: Wild



He looks meek and mild in this at photo…



…but we saw his wild side on more than on occasion.



And on Saturday wild winds whipped the leaves around.


Where’s my backpack?: Travel theme: Wild

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Wild

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      • Haha! That was suppose to say “the second, NOT so much!” Auto correct drives me crazy and the fact that I’m too quick with the “reply” button doesn’t help either. I’d stay clear of cat #2 – ah – and #1 really. 😉


      • I am so glad you cleared that up. I thought I was going silly…not understanding. One cat was really grumpy…but I suppose on an empty belly and thirty or forty people eating bacon, eggs etc., nearby, I would also be a bit grumpy. Could not agree more re auto correct. It can manage to say something totally different if one is not vigilant.


      • The cool thing about nature photographs is (and I do know there are limits to this, but)…it’s easier to take a good photo when you start with a great subject. Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked them.


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