Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Locks, Knobs and Handles

First…the old



I think these are beautiful locks, handles on our church  door.  They match the heavy doors on which they are mounted.



And these doors are held in place by equally heavy hinges.



Then….the new


About 30 years ago my parents were on holiday.  I came home from working in New South Wales and noted some sheep needed to be brought into the wool shed which had been locked.  Not knowing where the key was it took a less than 30 seconds to cut through a lock similar to this.  Which only goes to prove that (modern) locks only keep honest people at bay.







To those knobs we couldn’t do without……

Especially if your house is running on natural gas or electricity….


How hot….



….and for how long?



Then there are those buttons we need to make this all possible…


One of the challenges I enter stated no more than three photos.

If it is yours Cee, my apologies.

 I went from what I am going to post, to

Wow!…..there are so many to post.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Locks, Knobs and Handles


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