A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Castle


José Paronella’s dream was to build a Spanish Castle in Australia


Paronella astle_5494

After purchasing 5 hectares of land along the Mena Creek, near Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and a lot of hard work his dream was realised.


Paronella Castle_5495

Part of José’s dream was to provide enjoyment for other people.  There was a ball room, a meadow for children to play in and movies were shown every Saturday night from this tower.


Paronella Castle_5540

Paronella Castle is now a tourist attraction which I found to be thoroughly enthralling to visit.


Paronella Castle_5542

While it is noe only a ruin, which suffers from flooding and cyclones it was, during the Second World War Paronella was a destination for soldiers on Recreation Leave.

Read my ‘Masterpiece‘ links at the end of the related articles, for more information.

If interested, there is also at least one more Paronella post to come next week.





4 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Castle

  1. I love exploring ruins like this and they are slowly sinking back into ruin and decay, beautiful
    I’m inviting you to come join us for Travel Photo Mondays, the link is open all week starting on Mondays, look forward to your linking up 🙂


    • Thank you I would love to join Travel Photo Mondays. I have looked around your site and love the photos. Not sure about rules, regulations and/or weekly themes. Have I missed a page on your site or is it themeless..apart from travel.


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