Tinted Thursday ~ Upward


Again my Thursday post is a coloured version of my Black and White Tuesday…with some embellishments about the Giant Red Wood in the Geelong Botanical Gardens.


Grand Staricase_5550Paronella

Grand Staircase at Paronella Park



Geelong winter tree



I have heard many things about the American Redwoods, but did not know that they would grow in our climate.


Planted in 1873, this specimen towers above surrounding trees and plants.  In 2004 Its height was 24 metres and it was in good condition.  Its estimated age was 145 years.  The tree must have spent about 5 years in a pot, or was grown elsewhere, before planting in the Geelong Gardens

Measurements Source: http://vhd.heritage.vic.gov.au/search/nattrust_result_detail/71083


 My information source web page also states that this tree was planted on August 2, 1873.

Why the Giant Red Wood was planted in the Geelong gardens is not known.

One of my loves is big, old trees and I was certainly happy to stumble  upon this treasure.



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