Black and White Tuesday: Upward


Inspiration for this week’s Black and White Challenge are random photos taken while travelling.



To begin with  repost of the Grand Staircase at Paronella Park in Queensland.



A winter tree in Geelong.



Finally, during a visit to the Geelong Botanical Gardens in early January I discovered that Californian Red Woods can grow in our climate.

This has to be my favourite of this post…

…I like big trees.





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16 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday: Upward

    • I cannot see why old growth forests are continually logged…..but I wont get on that soapbox. 🙂 We have some beautiful eucalyptus rainforests only a short drive away.


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  2. Great shots as usual Woolly and thanks for taking part in the challenge.

    Could you please just do me a favour and add the link of this week’s challenge in the post and not the link to the page?

    This link :

    Also, I am not getting any trackbacks from you and if I wasn’t subscribed to your blog, I also wouldn’t have known you posted this week’s entry. So please, if it’s not too much trouble, could you just from now on post the link of your entry : in the comments section of this week challenge. Much appreciated. 🙂


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