A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Curve-Roof


During my photo excursion this afternoon I managed to find images which combined both the roof and curve for this week’s challenge.



While part of this slate roof is being replaced I think this section could pass for a walk way.



Marvellous workmanship involved in creating this roof.



Nature also helped me out with some curves which always look good in someone else’s garden.



The Geelong foreshore provided more curves and a roof combined.  This modern structure covers the one hundred and twenty year old Geelong Carousel which provides much entertainment for young and old alike.



The Armitage-Herschell portable steam driven, hand-carved wooden carousel was constructed circa 1892 and is one of only 200 in operation around the world. Featuring 36 Dare horses and 2 chariots, it was purchased by the Steampacket Place Development Board in 1996 and painstakingly restored. (Source: Carousel at the Geelong Waterfront).






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