These are four photographs taken with my HTC phone. Taken the same time (few seconds apart), same day, same place.

There has been no colour correcting applied to any of these photos.

So does anyone have an explanation for the odd one?















13 thoughts on “Phoneography-Fog

  1. Re: the odd one

    I can see some overhead wires in this photo that are not present in any of the others. That tells me that you tilted the camera ever so slightly up and probably caught a bit of lens flare from the sun. I actually like the effect, it makes the distant mountain look like it is floating in space.

    Look for progress, not perfection, in your photographic pursuits and enjoy the ride.


    • I hope I did not give the wrong impression because I also think it is spectacular. I see these mountains regularly and this photo is the best I have taken….just very different. Regarding the power lines, I will check the originals. These pics are cropped as the mountains form a small part of the picture. When cropping the photos I did include more of the sky to show as much of the halo effect as possible. It may be sun flare, but it is intriguing that the whole photo, including, grass in the foreground, has more colour to it.

      ThAnk for your thoughts on this, definitely food for thought.


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  3. My guess would be the phone’s reaction’s time from in taking the shots prior to and after the one suspect frame. Maybe the one in question was shot quicker than the one shot just prior. Anyway, the ones “in the clear” look mighty nice. Great panoramic of the peak way back there.


    • Many thanks for your thoughts on this. I have never, ever, seen anything like this before. However, that said, in the past I have never taken as many multiple shots of the same subject as since I started blogging. I am fascinated at how well camera phones perform.


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  5. There is only one explanation…… Aliens……… (only joking, I have no idea) 🙂
    I didn’t know that is is called phoneography when you take pictures on your phone. I have a HTC too and I love its’ pictures better than my camera.


    • It is certainly an “aliens” type photo. I had not heard of Phoneography until I started blogging and found lensandpensbysally (link on my Phoneography page). Think it is called iPhoneography….but I don’t have an iPhone. It is a Monday challenge….but like all challenges if I post on Monday, my time, it is the day before in USA, UK and Europe. If I wait for time to catch up…I forget to enter. Still only 1530, Sunday, in San Francisco……0830 Monday. Time to think about work.


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