Black and White Tuesday: Family


I have been caught short for this week’s Black and White Challenge.  I had planned another post, which will now have to wait.

My contribution consists of iPhone, iPod, Kodak and Nikon photos so quality  varies.



MGW found this iPhone camera-shy kangaroo and her not so shy joey, at the Ballarat Wildlife Park when we took our Canadian friends for a visit in January this year.

The Wildlife Park is a recommended tourist attraction for any one wishing to view, and handle, Australian wild life.



These brothers were born in early 2012 at the Gold Coast’s Dreamworld theme park.  They were about three months old when we visited in July 2012.

One of the cubs was a real villain and constantly stirred his sibling.  He was also a problem for his handler when the cubs were brought out of their enclosure for us to pat, for a short time.

We had opted to take a Tiger Walk and seeing and being able to pat these little ones was a total bonus.


Sita_0105BWAs mentioned above…we took a Tiger Walk around Dreamworld,

before it opened, with the most beautiful cat in the world….Sita.

Click Here to read more about our Tiger Walk at Dreamworld



Now to the family of the moment!

During my farming life a member of the Spur Winged Plover family was usually seen sporting a ‘broken’ wing in order to lure us away from a nest, or young ones.  So I was quite surprised to see a pair raise some young in our front yard, or the front yard across the road.



If I had to make a complaint about noisy neighbours these two would top the list…by far.  I would only ever see the Spur Wing Plovers at a distance on the farm and wondered about the name Spur Wing.  Now I know and I have to drive past them nearly six months of the year.

They must be building their nest, such as it is, at the moment as they are extremely noisy.  We can hear them over the TV and from the comfort of our bedroom in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s like they follow us around…!!


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9 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday: Family

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    • It was a great experience. She is a lovely cat. I guess there are similar walks in other countries, but I think Dream World has the only experience of this kind in Australia.


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  3. I see it’s already Tuesday in Australia now Woolly. Here it’s still Monday evening 5:08pm. LOL!
    These time differences really sucks now and then, especially with the challenges but I just want to assure you that you have the whole week – from Tuesday to next week Tuesday to enter in the week’s challenge, so you never have to worry my friend.

    Love your photo’s and the Tiger Walk must have been quite an experience! I love Tigers! 😀
    Thanks so much for taking part and it’s a realy pity about the time difference. I think what I must do is to post my challenges on Monday so everyone can get their’s ready for “their” Tuesdays. 😀 *hugs*


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