CFA Medal

45 Year Service Medal – CFA (Country Fire Authority).



Okay, I will admit it, this is a post about me….sort of.

About four and a half years ago I received an invitation to a CFA afternoon tea and medal presentation.  Unfortunately I could not attend as the presentation was 200 kilometres away and my father in law was in the middle of, or just commencing, chemotherapy for breast cancer and we had decided to celebrate his birthday on the same day (of the presentation) while he was feeling reasonably well.  I  sent my apologies and nothing more was heard of the said presentation.  That is….until last week.

A small unexpected package arrived in the mail.  Surprise, surprise…my CFA my medal/medallion had arrived.  Only a service medal, but I am fairly sure that I will not  receive any other medal so well presented.  And of this I am certain, it will be my only medal, of any sort, that I will receive during my lifetime.

The CFA is a Volunteer organisation which operates in Victoria to suppress and prevent fires particularly during the summer fire season.


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