Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Golden Hour

My contribution for this week’s

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Golden Hour

imageA six AM April sunrise pre-empted a perfect autumn day.



A neighbourhood sunrise.


sunrise_1838These two are very similar and probably taken on the same day, but the second one is my favourite…….



…..as the darker tones make clouds more identifiable and richer in colour.



My favourite.

This one was probably taken just outside the Golden Hour but I think the rising sun and the frost make it a worthy inclusion.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (dailypost.wordpress.com)

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Golden Hour

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    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


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  5. Some gorgeous photos! I can’t do a golden hour, unless we get a fine Thursday. Working nights otherwise and at the moment, there is no sky – it’s all cloud & storm. So no golden hours in Perth 😦


    • Tha’s a pity..although we had slate grey over the weekend, and the forecast is for your weather by next weekend. Know what you mean by working nights…sort of. This my fifth year working two evening sessions, 1930 finish, okay in summer back not this time of year.


      • nah – ESL teacher, doing evening IELTS classes and sometimes feeling it’s not worth the time. Sorry I can’t be more useful – though some of the students really do appreciate it. Night classes, though – not as much fun as day classes. Many of the students are there only to fulfill immigration requirements & aren’t interested in learning English.


      • May have misread your earlly thinking 8.30 was AM…sorry. My mind work in the 24 hour clock.

        Know what you mean re students just fulfilling requirements…Does not have to be immigrants. Spent 18 months trying to impart VCAL and CGEA skills to teens who were not interested. My current position, in a Corrections environment, has more ‘wins’ than I had with those youngsters.


      • I empathise completely! When I was doing volunteer teaching at a Catholic Migrant Centre which usually catered for refugees and charged others $5/hour, it was so much more rewarding, the students were willing to learn & there was just so much more laughter. In these evening classes, most students demand to be ‘entertained’ & I’m afraid it merely brings out my ‘ompatience’ 😦


      • Know what you mean. My current crop older mature age students enjoy their time in education and enjoy learning computer skills, enjoy a laugh and time away from the twenty-four hour routine to the system has them conforming. Having worked in wool sheds for many years my current students are very similar…from all walks of life and varying backgrounds and nationalities.


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    • This one was taken while waiting for this year’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service to commence. It is one of my favourites also which is why I decided to use it again. Thank you for leaving a comment.


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  9. Stunning photos – for me golden hours … can be anytime of the day … it’s not the color of the hour it’s the feeling it gives us. Your favorite is mine too. *smile


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