Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Nostalgia

have been wondering all week where the ‘Nostalgia’ was emanating from.  Penny just dropped an hour or so ago.

So one quick short picture for the

Nostalgia Challenge.




This picture, while not as old as some of the pictures I have seen during the week still brings back some nostalgic memories for me.

It was taken while I was having some limbs, near my hay shed (bottom left), removed.

After spending fifty-five years on a farm a simple photo like this does bring back the ‘…remember when…’ thoughts.

I clearly remember the year I stacked those rolls of hay near and in the hay shed.  So much easier than handling the small square bales which were common in my teenage years.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable (dailypost.wordpress.com)

A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Distant

As I drove home from Geelong yesterday I just had to stop and record these images.

All photos were taken through the windscreen of my car, using my Nikon and its 70-300 mm lens. I have been told, and also read somewhere, that the DX format of the D90 turns a 300 mm lens into a 450 mm lens. Don’t quite understand it all……so if my comments are incorrect I am quite happy to be corrected.



Once again the You Yang Ranges are featured in these photos. Since commencing WoollyMuses blog I have been taking more notice of potential photo opportunities and keep seeing the You Yangs in a different light whatever the weather or time of day.



The distant power lines carry electricity from its source in Gippsland (east of Melbourne) to the Alcoa aluminium plant at Portland, in the state’s far South West; near the Victorian/South Australian border.



Apart from cropping, these images are untouched. As can be seen the fog was still around in low-lying areas at 1015 in the morning.



As for my vantage point for these shots….


…I found a spot wide enough to park at an on ramp to the Geelong Ring Road (a freeway bypassing Geelong), which is why the shots were taken through the windscreen.