Black and White Tuesday: Toys


Toys being the theme for this week’s Black and White Challenge made choosing a photo really easy. An oldie…..but memorable.



Teddy on the left has had ‘heart’ surgery and is now over fifty years young.

It is only two little teddies which are no longer with us.


Sonel’s Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : TOYS (
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22 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday: Toys

  1. I love it! I have an old bear and a Snoopy sitting in an armchair in our study. Sorry for my late response- just back from the Algarve last night. Thanks for the kind ping. 🙂


    • I admit, I had to Google Algarve. Another country I would like to visit but probably won’t. But I do like the geography lesson I am having from blogging! Hope you enjoyed your break in the sun. And you’re welcome.


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  5. I love teddies! My first teddy is 52 years old and has plasters all over the paws as the straw is coming out otherwise. Yes straw filled then……and still cuddly and no health and safety issues about being hard etc. And he still sits in my bedroom hehe


  6. Adorable teddies and photograph indeed Woolly! Great choice for the entry and thanks for taking part. Much appreciated. 😀
    Could I ask you to please just post the link on my blogpost so others can see your entry and visit your blog as well? It would be much appreciated. Thanks! 😀


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