Flower Friday – Camellia

I only discovered Flower Friday earlier this week…my first contribution.

As mentioned earlier in the week, today’s post is some photos of some early Camellia blooms which border our Japanese Garden.


Our Camellia ‘Volunteer‘ had only two open blooms at the time of photographing it, but is covered in buds.  With a bit of luck I may be able to bring you more colourful pictures in a week or two.



The above picture is as nature provided, however…..

Camellia Bud_1846AC

…..using the digital tools available this bloom looks far better, I think, the ‘right’ way up.



My Favourite.

Hope you enjoy.


Also interesting to read on some blogs that the northern hemisphere summer commenced on June 21(ish).  In the 1950s, my teachers taught us that seasons Down Under aligned with solstices/equinoxes.

Somewhere along the line Australian media hijacked seasons and we have had a month of winter, already!  And, of course, we continually hear  that it has been a warm start to winter, a cold start to spring, and so on.  That is all from my soapbox…this week.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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11 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Camellia

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  3. Absolutely stunning Woolly and great entry for the challenge indeed. Love the colours and you’ve captured it so well. Thanks for sharing. 😀


      • Oh absolutely! If I had a beautiful one like that here I would be there all day long doing macro shots. LOL! I do have the Japonica Camellia here but it has small flowers, but just as beautiful but someone who lived here planted it with the creepers so it’s quite a job keeping it open so the creeper can’t damage it.


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