Wordless Wednesday-Who’s Boss

No points for guessing who’s the boss in this backyard!


Once again Maggie plays the gentle, polite giant and ‘allows‘ Soxie to have the warmer spot, on Maggie’s blanket, on a sunny winter day.


Wordless Wednesday – Class Clown (create-with-joy.com)

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Who’s Boss

    • Only because dogs let them………. This cat has sent most of his life NOT being at all friendly to me. Only last few months has here decided to allow me to put HIM to bed at night. Give me a big dog anyway!!!


    • These are/were farm dogs and have always been chained to their kennel, when we left home for any period of time longer than ten to twenty minutes. Because of the nature of farm dogs to work/round up sheep they have been known to kill sheep, deliberately and accidentally. I have also seen chooks/chickens killed by dogs and sheep and lambs killed or mauled by an errant Labrador. Now they are town dogs it is more important to keep them under control when we are not around. Most of the neighbourhood have complemented us on their behaviour, off the chain, however one next door has been seen chasing small dogs around his backyard with a large stick. So they are tied up for their own good as well. I have never owned a dog that lived inside…..and don’t want to.


      • I understand and thanks for the lovely reply as well Woolly. So I gather your yard do not have fences? Sorry for asking but it was strange for me seeing a dog chained up. I guess it’s because here in South Africa we have our fences and that’s our way of keeping them in the yard but some of them do get out sometimes. I can see they are very well behaved for sure and Maggie sure is a beautie and for keeping her safe, I can totally understand why you do it and indeed the best way then. Please give her a hug from me and tell Soxie she is lucky to have a good friend like that. 😀


      • Where we live does have fences, but no front fences. Also the side fences are not dog proof. The pretties which do have dog proof fences usually have dogs which are known to be more dangerous breeds.

        Maggie gets plenty of hugs, but we throw in an extra one for you. I am sure she will appreciate it. As for Soxie, he is boss of the yard and enjoys all the perks….including picking his friends!


      • Thanks so much for clearing that up for me Woolly. I thought it was only in the movies that the houses do not have fences in the front and I always wondered how people can be comfortable with that. I guess it’s because I am used to having fences around the yard for as long as I can remember but I also know I won’t feel safe and well, here are some houses too that do not have fences in the front and they are more subjected to burglaries, so within a few months they do get fences. 🙂

        Oh, I can see Maggie gets a lot of love and thank you for throwing in the extra hug and Soxie is just as adorable and I can see he is the boss there..heheh. Maggie is such a softie but who can refuse a cute furball like that and he is clever in picking such a lovely friend. Even I would give Soxie a spot like that. 😀


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