Black and White Tuesday: Bridges

For my first entry into the Black and White Tuesday Challenge – Bridges – I chose to depict a ‘bridge’ between cultures.

Japanese Garden_1

Our small Japanese Garden has been created using mostly Australian Native plus one African Native – the Euphorbia – just visible in the lower left corner.


Japanese temple_2

Our small temple is backed by an Australian Acacia and a small growing Australian native bamboo in the foreground.




Japanese Garden_4

In the foreground is an Australian Pittosporum Golfball (Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Golf Ball’).  Our dwarf acacia behind the temple is complemented by some small native bamboo plants.

Two potted Camellias are just coming into flower.

Google gives credit to China and Japan for the Camellia. I would have though Japan.

In Black and White the garden takes on a different look than the coloured version.  I hope to include a couple of photos of the camellias later in the week.


Sonel’s Corner ~ Black and White Tuesday

RestlessJo ~ Black and White Tuesday

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