You Yangs

Phoneography Monday.

Two views of the You Yang Ranges.


Below: Friday afternoon, June, 21, 2013.


Although the cloud formations resemble those seen on a mild summer day. Perhaps the colour, of the You Yangs, is telling me that by late afternoon the weather will become cold and damp very quickly.


You Yangs_1872

The colour of the You Yangs mentioned above, and in my previous post, was probably forecasting this 10.30 AM view the following morning.

The only thing I was sure of was that I was at the same spot, facing the same direction… the best of my knowledge.

The small rise, clearly visible in the top shot, can just be made out in the foggy scene, just above the barbed wire.



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8 thoughts on “You Yangs

  1. Great shots Woolly! Love that misty morning photo! Also, thanks for the visit to my blog and for the lovely comment. Much appreciated. 😀


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