First Date-pt3

Continued from parts 1 & 2

To read parts 1, 2 and 3 of ‘The First Date’Click Here ‘ 


With a deep breath I entered the cave and began relaying the message. This got me wound up. Wow! Was I on a roll? Not only opening and closing doors but general manners were addressed. I explained that the grunt was no longer a suitable form of communication. Young ladies, particularly those who you may be inviting out because you appreciated their company, versus assisting a classmate to a class function, would expect a higher level of literacy skills (both written and vocabulary) than the caveman language which had emanated from deep within our son for the previous five years.

To lighten any tension I told him that although I had managed to avoid the birds and the bees talk, but this was the ‘Advanced Birds and the Bees’ version of that talk. So take heed.

As I left his room I noticed dogs galloping across the backyard, a sure sign of visitors or slow-moving locals stretching their legs in the evening air. Even though I hollered that it looked like visitors had arrived it was yours truly who opened the front door to greet Jo and her mother. Eventually, moving in barely a slow shuffle and dressed in his best blue denims, Neanderthal man entered the room. After some brief small talk and re-enforcing the safe driving lecture – yes in front of everyone – and telling him it was bad enough if he wrapped himself around a tree, but to wrap Jo around a tree was not pardonable. To which Jo added ‘…if you wrap me around a tree I’ll kill you…’ Another sure sign that God exists.

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