Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Tropical

I was wrapped to see that Word of the Week was tropical beacuse I have had one or two photos taken in the tropics which I have been wanting post for some time.

All, but the first, were taken at Paronella Park about an hours drive from Cairns.  I hope you enjoy them.

This will push me to organise and post the other photos I took at Paronella.


I don’t know what this flower is except that it caught my eye and the Cairns Botanic Gardens.


A selection of tropical jungle at Paronella Park…


…more tropical ferns, vines and other plants adorn the ruins at Paronella Park.


This shot of the two-tone green leaves rising above the darker green foliage is only surpassed by…


…a closer shot of the spectacular contrasting greens in this plant.

And just when you think you have seen it all…

Paronella Hibiscus

Paronella Hibiscus

…you turn a corner to find this stunning hibiscus.

7 thoughts on “Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Tropical

    • Hi bebs1, I agree with you. I have travel into that lattitude before buy never taken notice or remember seeing foliage as eye catching. Perhaps it has something to do with age!?


  1. I think but I am not certain that the first one …the red one is related to the poinsettias ‘s family but I must tell you all of them are beautiful and it reminded me of the beautiful surroundings of my childhood .


    • Hello karmami, I won’t argue about the red flower. I just don’t know, but I will agree with your comment regarding their beauty. Sounds like you grew up in the tropics. Cheers for now.


      • Well I don’t know either… it just looks a bit like poinsettias…but honestly I love flowers , they way they look and smell but as far as their species…do not know so much. I did grew up in the tropics and like I say love flowers , plants and nature in general..have a great evening


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