First Date-pt2

First Date -Part 2/4

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The morning of the night arrived.  One more try.  It worked.  ‘Ah! How long will the gardening take?’ a sleepy-eyed number one son mumbled!  The bait had been cast.  And the Neanderthal teenage male was hungry, at last.  I still had my edge!

‘Ah, I have to go to church tonight’ and, ‘That’s not the best part!’, I’m told, by which time I could not contain my laughter.

Around five thirty, half an hour before ‘Dad’ was to arrive with his darling daughter, to be transferred to the care of our darling son, M-G-W asked ‘Have you told him to open (and close) the car door for Jo?’  I mean, how come I won the job?  I have never been consulted on any other matter.  And with hormones in full flight why was he going to take any notice of me tonight?  I dragged myself out of my comfy chair and wandered into this room where he was calming his nerves playing soccer on his computer.

No-one asked about my nerves!  The thought of a pretty girl being taken care of by my male chauvinist son was tearing at my gut.  He could not appreciate the beauty and gentleness of this girl.  Mind you I had only seen her on one or two occasions but I truly feared for her ‘health and wellbeing’ keeping company with my son.  Cavemen are not known for their appreciation of the fairer sex.

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