As today is our winter solstice I thought it a fitting time to be reminded of warmer January weather. This pair of seagulls were photographed at the Warrnambool breakwater, South Western Victoria, in early January on a day when the temperature was at, or above, thirty degrees (Celsius), more than double the maximum temperature of the past week or so.


After passing their initial scrutiny…….




…….a quick discussion followed whereupon they decided to pose for me.

Sea Gulls

Seagulls are right up there in my favourite bird list.


Seagulls always appear to be a happy bird…..probably because they think there’s a chance of a feed……which is nearly always the case if I am around them. Alas not on this day.
Another thing I like about seagulls is their colours which are always crisp, clean and bright.

10 thoughts on “Seagulls

  1. Hello from Minnesota, USA. Thank you for listing my blog. I also like seagulls. Our first day of summer is cold with rain 🙂 Annie


    • Not sure which country you call home Belinda, but my approach is to try and be as concise but give my audience the necessary information about my pictures, particularly when a large portion of my readers are from the northern hemisphere.


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