A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Vibrant

My contribution to this week’s challenge.


Decided to take my camera with me this morning as there was a moderate fog around which can often provide some interesting sights. Well….I think so.



A late arrival, at work, was the result of this decision…..but it did provide me with a few photographs for the vibrant challenge.



The sun has pushed its way through a fog which was much heavier than it appears in these photos.


8 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Vibrant

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    • You are welcome, Opalla. Your take on vibrant is probably closer than mine as we do speak of vibrant cities. I love ‘fog’ scenes and don’t often have a camera with me. Also like your bio. I was fifty when I began a teaching career – not sure if I should ‘career’ – and still at it although only as a casual who has permanent work. I will stop rambling and stay in touch.


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