Daily Prompt ~ Weekend



On Saturday night members of the Woolly Muses clan gathered to celebrate the twenty-first birthday of one of its sons, nephews, cousins and grandsons.


It was a momentous occasion as the Muses’ often wondered if Spike would ever reach his third birthday, let alone his twenty-first! He was not a quiet baby in the early nineties and nothing much has changed. He’s just louder says Spike’s dad, with a grin.



“He has always been different to his brother,” said Mr Muses. “We often thought he did not take much notice of the world around him. This changed at about two years old when Mrs. Muses removed about twelve soft toys from Spike’s bed and placed them on a book shelf. Within thirty minutes all the toys were back on the bed in the exact order they were before Mrs. Muses interfered. That was the day we knew our little Spike had his own personality and his own quirkiness.



Spike’s love of soft toys and all things quirky has not diminished as the years have passed. It was, therefore, a logical conclusion for one of his relatives to produce something along those lines as a birthday present.



Spike is now second-in-charge at his place of employment with a promising career in management ahead.
Happy Twenty-first birthday Spike. And may you be blessed with many more.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt ~ Weekend

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  2. If these were the stories headlines were made of, I’d read them much more often than I do. In any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Headliner of today’s post (a post well worth reading)!


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