Sugar Sweet in Cairns


All my life I have associated sugar and Queensland. What I did not know was 95% of Australia’s sugar industry is located in Queensland. New South Wales claims the other 5%. In total 80% of sugar produced in Australia is exported making Australia the third largest raw sugar supplier in the world. Sugar cane is Australia’s seventh largest agricultural export valued at nearly 2 billion dollars. (Source: Australian Sugar Cane Industry)


So it was only a mild surprise when some sugar cane fields appeared within five or ten minutes drive from our Cairns accommodation.


Over the years television stations have shown a ten second news clip of sugar cane trains without really depicting their proximity to the cane field. Little did I know just how close the track was to the field.


We also hear of the wet and dry seasons in the tropics. I am not sure if this field is being rested or if it is too wet to plant. We did visit the area a few months after the 2011 Queensland floods.


The big surprise during our touring was seeing bananas and sugar side by side.

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