Word of the Week Photo Challenge – Mountain

I have spent most of my life living on fairly open plains and, therefore, my definition of a mountain is an extinct volcano which stands about 100 metres above the surrounding lava plains and tops out at 367 metres above sea level.

While Australia does have The Great Dividing Range down its east coast they are geologically old and weather-beaten!  When visiting the Canadian Rockies in 1976 I read on a plaque that the Australian Mountains were already well eroded when the Rockies were formed.  This morning, Google and Wikipedia tend to contradict this belief and puts both sets of mountains at roughly the same age.  I was really hoping ours were older!

My contributions for this week come mainly from the Cairns region.


The next two were taken while on the Daintree River.100_5111Mtn

And if you have noticed that these photos are getting bigger?

It is because I have finally worked out how to enlarge them!!


So  watch out for bigger and better photos in future…hopefully!

Finally, if you were a fish….would you call this a mountain?