Cairns ~ Foliage

While holidaying in Cairns I noticed that the plant foliage was quite different to that seen in the south of Australia. Apart from being a rich verdant colour not seen in southern states the native foliage pictured here is varied with a vast array of plants generally only seen in the tropics.

100_5783FolFor the above reason, this is the first of several pictorial posts depicting Cairns and its environs as seen through my eyes and my Kodak 510 digital camera.


The vine which is running along the road and up this tree would surely kill the tree down south. My guess is that another plant will soon replace any plant, or tree, which may be strangled by this or any other vine.

100_5785FolTo grow a fern in the southern states we need to create a micro climate. Yet in Far North Queensland we find ferns growing on the road side. Although we learn many of these facts during our school days it is still interesting to actually see them for one’s self.

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Hope you enjoy.