Mothers Day

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day in Australia. I specify Australia as I think it could be Father’s Day in England. At least it was in 1976 and I totally confused my Dad when I sent him Father’s Day card from England in May! For all I know it may be Father’s Day in the entire northern hemisphere. But, I digress! Let’s move the story back Down Under.

This year our eldest told his Mother he would take her out to brunch at The Coffee Cartel cafe in Leather St., Breakwater on the imageoutskirts of Geelong. Brunch? Ten to ten thirty am? Oh, and Dad could come but he would have to pay for himself….. Sound familiar?

Now WE (Mum and Dad) breakfast around 0800 on weekends so there was no way that we would make it through to ten-thirty without some sustenance. Ten-thirty maybe the usual time for the twenty-something generation but not for these parents! While the ‘little ones’ still slept, the ‘olds’ rose at their normal time and partook of a reduced breakfast so there would be room left to enjoy brunch.

image imageAfter a forty minute drive through Geelong found the Coffee Cartel in what appeared to be, and was, an industrial estate; located appropriately on the corner of Leather St and Industrial Place.

Upon our arrival Several groups were enjoying their own quiet outdoors brunch in the late autumn sun. The interior of the establishment was decorated with fashionable retro style furniture and complete with appropriate mood music.

Our host, as expected, was on ‘twenty-something’ time and arrived about fifteen minutes after the oldies, who by then were beginning to feel like their throats had been cut!

Menus arrived. Orders were placed and it looked as if number one son was going let the moths out of his wallet and pay for the old man! Looked like…

Cappuccinos all round soon were gracing our table. And they tasted as good as they looked. It was way past imagethe oldies Saturday morning ‘cuppa’ time and we were really hanging out for our caffeine hit!

All the twenty-somethings could do was grumble light heatedly about how early the hour was for breakfast.

Breakfasts varied. Fettuccine and Avocado for Mum, a Big and Hearty Breakfast for number two son, eggs and toast for number one son (and host) and a breakfast called Sliders for Dad. I have been assured that all other breakfasts were excellent as was the aptly named Sliders breakfast. My hands have a slight tremor and while eating one of my mini-burgers some bacon managed to slide….out of the burger, side swipe my shirt and come to a grinding holt as it smashed to the floor.

imageIt could not get any worse….so I thought. Did you know that potato cakes, like the one in the cup, are not designed to be picked by hand. Let me assure you that if you do that a large portion of it will break off landing who knows where, thereby making you breakfast experience even more embarrassing!

However, today was not about Dad. Today was about taking Mum out for Mother’s Day and as it turned out the Coffee Cartel provided an excellent venue for a family gathering. Number one has lived in Melbourne for over twelve months and even when he does spend a weekend with us we have to share his time with other acquaintances. Mum loved brunch with her three boys as two of them have grown into lovely young men. Unfortunately MGW is still stuck with me and lives in hope that I too, will grow up……one day!

So happy Mother’s Day to the dear one in our lives from all her boys.

Photographs courtesy of My Good Wife and Number one son.

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